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A+E is pleased to receive a great deal of wonderful submissions from departments across UNR Med and University Health on a weekly basis. Newsletter issues are planned in advance and we encourage departments to plan ahead and submit news and updates four weeks in advance whenever possible, to allow for timely inclusion in Nevada Medicine Weekly.

Due the amount of content we receive, as well as email deliverability best practices in keeping the newsletter under a concise copy limitation in order to ensure Nevada Medicine Weekly successfully reaches inboxes without bouncing, or being marked as spam, we prioritize submissions as we receive them.

The majority of newsletter announcements are prioritized according to time sensitivity around upcoming deadlines, upcoming registration dates, timely events, etc. If your submission is not necessarily time sensitive, you will be seeing your article in a future newsletter. Please indicate the optimal timing for your submission to run, and any other details about the update you would like to be featured in NMW to help our editors. If we have questions, someone will follow up with you.

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