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Design Elements


Accent Icons

The accent icons represent the School of Medicine's commitment to education, patient care, research and community engagement. The icons are used to accentuate typography and emphasize important information. They are not a mandatory design element, but rather an accent graphic to include if the design allows. It’s helpful to consider each icon’s meaning to make sure it reflects the message of your design.

The images below are meant only to be a sample of what the icons look like, along with descriptions of their meanings.

Download Accent Icons

  • Focus on Education

    The book icons represents our responsibility in providing the best education to our students.

  • Responsible to the Community

    The stethoscope icon represents our purpose as students, faculty and doctors.

  • Dedicated to Patient Care

    The Rod of Asclepius is a symbol synonymous with healing and medicine.

  • Impact Through Research

    The double helix icon is a reminder of the positive impact and lasting change our research can have.